Progressive Web Design

Wouldn’t you like to really stand out with a website that renders beautifully across every screen size? Well, that’s where Progress Web Design comes in! Using the latest techniques of web design and development, progressive design reads the screen resolution of the device being used to view the site, and serves progressively more (or less) styling accordingly.

As you probably know, people are no longer just browsing the web from their home computer. They’re accessing the web from a wide variety of devices, including Smartphones, Tablets (think iPad), laptops, and desktops. Obviously, these variety of devices have a wide spectrum of screen sizes. Which means that your website designed for PC monitors may not even be usable for today’s tech-savvy mobile device users!

Want to see Progress Web Design in action? Visit our website from your computer in a full-size browser window (if you’re using Internet Explorer, you’ll need the latest version). Then, grab the bottom-right corner of your window and size it down. As your browser window reaches different resolutions, you’ll see the design adjust Automatically, retaining style and readability for smaller devices! Be sure to check us out from your smartphone and tablet, too!


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