Welcome to our new Blog!  I’m Gabriel Leonhard, the creative director here at VMG.  I’ll be one of the authors, focusing mostly on design elements and UX.

About Me

I grew up in a multi-cultural, artistic family; my mom is from Paris, and my Dad is a fine artist. Today, I’m married to the woman of my dreams, Briana and we have 3 amazing children all under 5.  In addition to being an artist/designer, I’m also a violinist. I’ve participated in recording many albums (as well as my own album).



Everything in life has a process. As we have experiences in life, we then begin to create from the outflow of inspiration. This process is at the core of human instinct, built into our DNA.  It is our innate desire to express who we are to the world.  I love the creative process. People are naturally gifted at expressing themselves in different ways. For me, art and music are the most obvious ways I can turn the faucet on and allow my heart to pour out.



I have a pretty laid back personality, and I’m a people person, but when it comes to design, I’m a perfectionist.  I’ve been in the design world since 1997 when I designed my first catalogue.  Since then, I’ve worked in typography, book layout, logos, advertising, web design UX, as well as development for the web using HTML, CSS and JS.  I primarily use Photoshop and Illustrator for design purposes and InDesign for book/magazine layouts and such.

In this blog, I hope to pinpoint some helpful tips and tools that may help other designers along the creative path they are on.  I plan to be clear and concise, and I hope that you benefit from what I can bring to the table.

Comments are open, so I’m Looking forward to hearing your feedback as well.

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