James Yishai Back

Advertising and Media Coordinator

I’ve been an avid student of business growth for many years, choosing degrees in Business Management and Film Making, which allowed me to blend my passion to grow business with the the art of film which has uniquely positioned me for today’s social media environment.

I’ve been able to apply my knowledge practically by working alongside industry veterans to help clients around the world connect with their clients, develop leads and build their brands through Social Media content creation and targeted advertising campaigns that attract specific high quality leads.

I’m family-oriented, and like to spend time with my beautiful wife and children as much as I can. In my free time I like to travel and dream about building new things.

Gabriel Leonhard

Founder, Creative Director

Growing up with a fine artist for a Dad, I’ve always appreciated art and the creative process. I fell in love with graphic design and the world wide web, and have found a way to fuse my passions with Voyage Media Group - a digital marketing and design company.

Blending design techniques and developer knowledge, my vision is to integrate well-engineered websites with beautiful graphics, & video production to provide small businesses with all the tools they need to grow.

I have an amazing wife and 4 beautiful children who are growing up too fast. I love to travel, explore cultures, play music, and eat good food, and especially cheeses of all kinds.