Our Talent

Creative Director

Gabriel Leonhard

I’ve always appreciated art and the creative process, so I founded Voyage Media Group in 2007.

Blending design techniques and developer knowledge, my vision is to integrate well-engineered websites with beautiful graphics, & video production to provide small businesses with all the tools they need to grow.

I have an amazing wife and 4 beautiful children. In my free time, I love to travel, play music, and eat good food.

DIrector of Development

Luigi Bella

Born to a father who was an accomplished musician and a mother who was a world renown clown, I realized from a young age that I was free to think and live outside the box; but wanted to do so with excellence. Essentially, I would rather be a renaissance man than a jack of all trades.

So be it while learning to paraglide, repairing a surfboard, or creating a website for a client, I give it my all. I love to learn, and am constantly looking for ways to improve whatever I have the privilege of working on.