The first stage of the process is listening to you. We take a personal approach to working with our clients – whether is large or small business marketing. Since we are creating for you, we want to know who you are and exactly what you are looking for.

Our web agency will ask you lots of questions and consult you frequently in this process to help determine the exact specifications for the project. We are confident in our ability to help you identify your goals and objectives and help you meet them!


This is where we begin the creative process. Whether it be a website, a logo, a video, local SEO, or small business marketing, our web agency will move on what we understand from our previous conversations. Throughout the process, we will provide image mockups for you to review and give your feedback.

As you share with us what you like and don’t like, we will make adjustments and prepare for the production/development process.


This is where we get to work putting all the pieces together to create the finished product.  This process is the technical work, it’s not the “fun” part, but it is the most satisfying.

And when we’re done, one more adventure under our belt.

Voyage Media Group  is your large or small business marketing solution. Our web agency provides solutions for national and local SEO!